Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hot Topix: Uhh! Ooh! Canal Street Knock Off's on Lockdown

This just looks like designers are sick and tired of people purchasing imitations of their art, because to me a beautiful designer purse is a piece of art, a designer purse is all you need to spice up any outfit.....ok ok I'm done ranting. The city of New York (my hometown) is continuing its efforts to stop the sales of counterfeit merchandise whether it be purses, watches, shades, shoes (because God knows I used to be on Canal Street) you name it. You can Find whatever you are looking for on Canal Street for a fraction of what you'd pay in a designer store. Reportedly the Council woman Margret Chin just passed a new law that will land you in the Pokey/Jail or a stiff fine for...... get this..........$1000 dollars. Just save ya money Ladies and buy the real designer purse. My million dollar question is will that stop you from buying a knock off.....tell the truth and shame the devil. Believe me its hard to tell the difference but trust a true Fashionista knows her knock off different from the REAL THING plus the fakes fall apart after 4 wears......Ciao

Look at the flock of people

"Wait  a minute am I at the right place" look at that poor woman.... confused  

He has it all

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